Adguard Crashes on adding filters


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whenever I open Adguard\Setting\Ad Blocker\Filters\Add filter, the programs Crashes and none of selected filters are added.:( the crash also cause the tray icon to disappear and no Adgaurd services are also active in task manager. I have to open Adguard again and unfortunately I can't add any filter...I also installed Nightly version but it didn't fix the problem:(

Please help me with this Issue.
tnx in advance.


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Which filter(s) are you trying to add?
doesnt matter...any filter.. and also if I click "cancel" or "import filter" or "Add custom filter" the same problem occurs and Adguard crashes :(
I did clean uninstall and installed Adguard again but the problem still exists...:(


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Was it working once in the past already? If yes, did you use a network path/drive which is not available anymore?


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Was it working once in the past already? If yes, did you use a network path/drive which is not available anymore?
honestly it was working properly but after the last update, it is not. I have Adguard on my Home Laptop and nothing has changed already; not even network or drive
I even rolled back to previous versions of Adguard but the problem is till there.
"Open filtering log" is working but when I press "Open filter editor" , Adguard crashes on closing "Filter Editor" window :(
I don't Understand what's wrong with it !!!
All the sections in "Setting" are working properly except "Ad Blocker" Tab

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Yeah, using that many filters is overkill. Also I see you're using a lot of browser extensions too, that *could* also cause issues, not really sure.


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There are too many of them (filters)... For test only - can you try this nightly version and reply back?
I tried many ways to add filters and I figured out I can add up to 2 filters each time, then Adguard crashes and 2 selected filters are now added after opening Adguard. the next time I selected another 2 filters and again adguard crashes and I repeated this cycle until I could add all my preferred filters...that's how I could add filters but the crashing issue is still there and annoying :(

I installed the nightly version now and:

1- If I open filter editor, the Ad Blocker window is freezed :( No crash happened but right click on tray Icon doesn't work either and the Aduard windows is still up and got stuck..restarting Adguard service also didnt help and the only way is to end task adguard and open it again


2- if I press "add filter" button, Adguard still crashes