AdGuard disabled in Safari 12.0 because it slows down web browsing?!


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I just upgraded to Safari 12, and Safari disabled Adguard Adblocker 2.10.8 for the following reason:

Does this extension need to be updated?
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Hi! There will be a Blog ( article on this topic, hopefully this week. Briefly:

- Similar will happen to a lot of other extensions. Apple gets rid of older Safari extensions, plans to finish the process by December;
- For now you can simply re-enable AG extension. This is temporary solution as they will surely remove this option in the future;
- We are working on a new extension that will not be a subject to such problems. Hopefully, within the next month we'll finish it. (or switch to AG for Mac, it works drasticly different compared to browser extensions and just doesn't care about what browsers do).

More details in the Blog soon.


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i just went ahead & purchased the main Mac AdGuard app & installed it. now i notice i still have this same UNenabled Safari Extension as shown by OP above. how do i get rid of it? or do i still need it?