Adguard DNS best practice


Beta Tester

I want to use AdGuard in VPN mode not only for filtering ads but also to force using a secure DNS. So I enable DNS in AdGuard.

The question is: Although I'm not subscribed to the simplified DNS filtering list, enabling DNS in AdGuard or setting up the AdGuard DNS server (via secure connection) causes AdGuard to use DNS filtering.

When I look into the filtering log, from now on I see many filtered objects which were filtered by "DNS", but also some things that are filtered by the normal filtering rules (English list, German list and so on...).

From my understanding, DNS filtering is faster but not as high quality compared to content based filtering.
Right now it seems that both is simultaneously enabled.
So my question is: Does the filtering quality suffer from this? Which one is applied first (so to say)?

Which setting would be the best keeping highest filtering quality in mind?
Using a DNS without filtering and just having the normal filtering rules enabled? Or can I leave it as it is, because the usual filtering method comes first and prevents damage to the web page done by too rough DNS filtering?