AdGuard DNS DoH logs : where can I see blocked trackers?


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Hey everyone,

So I'm currently using AdGuard on macOS Monterey with AdGuard VPN.
I have DoH enabled with AdGuard DNS as DNS server and the browser extension installed.
Private Relay is disabled.

On iOS, I can see all blocked trackers and ads on the analytics menu of AdGuard Pro which is very handy and reassuring.

However, on AdGuard for macOS, when I'm opening my filtering logs on the AdGuard drop-down menu, I can't seem to see common Apple trackers as being blocked.
In fact, I've configured the exact same DNS blocklists on my iPhone (where these kinds of trackers are effectively showed as blocked) but can't seem to see the same effects. Please find attached my blocklists.

It's not like the DNS filter isn't working at all. In fact, I can see some DNS queries effectively filtered. Again, find attached a Brave query filtered with Energized Ultimate, which is supposed to block too but just don't.

Is there something I'm missing here?