AdGuard DNS functionality with Adguard VPN?

Will it ever be possible to get the AgGuard VPN functionality (whitelist/blacklist/categories/etc) with only running AdGuard VPN on iOS? The reason I ask is that running both AdGuard Pro and Adguard VPN (or other VPN) as dual VPNs on iOS is proving problematic when roaming from wifi to cellular. I find that my phone ends up blackholing DNS queries until I toggle airplane mode or cycle AdGuard Pro DNS protection on/off. From that point it's pretty stable on cellular, but still annoying having to do this almost every time I leave a WIFI area. It would be excellent if we could configure AdGuard VPN to use an instance of AdGuard DNS in which we have all the filtering controls or perhaps merge the AdGuard Pro and AdGuard VPN apps to accomplish this.

Either, AdGuard Pro is very valuable, but I'm finding I like AdGuard DNS even more, but I can't see using my phone without a VPN active all the time, so I'm looking for a better to get all the AdGuard DNS functionality while running VPN. I currently have AdGuard Pro pointing to my instance of AdGuard DNS and it works great.