AdGuard DNS using DNS Override App on LTE/4G


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I am running Chrome Browser on IOS 11.3.0, iphone7 plus.

The Adguard DNS works great on the wifi (I used the 2 DNS ending .130, .131).

I read somewhere it may be possible to also block Ads on LTE/4G using app like DNS Override. Thus, I set up the profile with the same DNS using DNS Override App running on LTE/4G.

I used the page to test: where I should not see the Amazon ad. However, it does not seem to be working. A normal dummy VPN was set up not to connect as part of the DNS override app DNS profile set up, but the Amazon ad is still showing. Changing back to wifi with the manual Adguard DNS removes the Amazon ad on the test page.

Is this actually possible to block ads over LTE/4G with above set up?




Don't think so that could work against your provider DNS, but you always can try to make this experiment.

But the easiest way is to install AdGuard and configure DNS in the application for all network you using:)


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I tried the Adguard DNS settings on the DNS Override app for Adguard DNS address including end in .132 / .134. It still did not work on LTE unfortunately.

Arr, I didn't know Adguard Pro mobile App can also configure DNS. I thought it was only for safari (I used chrome browser) and see that it has an DNS setting. I selected under [Regular DNS Servers] "Adguard Default" on my iphone 7.

I try the test page and it works now on my mobile in blocking the ad with the Adguard VPN set up. While it will slow down page loading through VPN, I can live with that on LTE with no Ads.

Thanks for your help.