AdGuard does not block ads on apps on iPhone SE [2020]


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Safari content blockers workes fine, Blocks all the ads.
But ads in all the apps, system wide, are not being blocked.

I have a pro subscription. This works perfectly on other iOS devices (iPad and older iPhone).
All three devices are running iOS 14.5 (this is NOT an issue with iOS 14.5)
Yet, the iPhone SE 2020 is the only one where AdGuard is not doing any ad blocking at all (apart from Safari).
All three devices are using the same AdGuard settings.

The iPhone SE 2020 has been reset completely. Ads from apps - system-wide - continue to plague this device, whereas the other devices are completely free of ads.
AdGuard settings are identical to the other devices. iOS settings (even within the apps) are identical. Every setting imaginable is identical.
Yet, for some reason, the iPhone SE 2020 is the only unit to be plagued by ads in apps.

I'm hours away from returning to rooted Android, using Blokada.
Close to feeling silly for having purchased a life time subscrption to AdGuard, at this point.


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Maybe I misunderstand your call for searching finger broken because English isn't my native language.
When I search for finger broken the only result I find is the your reply above my reply.

I have an iPhone 11 and since iOS 14.5 blocking ads is no longer working.
Can you please help me a bit more?