AdGuard DoH Datacamp fraud?

DNS fraud?
I use Opera DNS over HTTPS and AdGuard :
Your DNS Server
Owner of this server Datacamp Limited

"Datacamp Limited - Fraud Risk.
We consider Datacamp Limited to be a potentially high fraud risk ISP, by which we mean that web traffic from this ISP potentially poses a high risk of being fraudulent.

Behind AdGuard as an apparently reliable Adblocker stands a suspicious server owner??? o_O


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I have no idea what ScamAnalytics is, but this IP belongs to a known hosting provider -


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it is just an ip score. previous owner of the ip might be using that ip for scam or something fraudelent. hence that bad score
IP operated by CC (colo crossing, a company from US )also usually got bad score on IP because they operate on Low end space that usually some of their customers use their service for nefarious activity because it is cheap. they usually use Low end Provider as throwaway service

this is what it says about my own dns

IP address is operated by DigitalOcean, LLC whose web traffic we consider to present a potentially high fraud risk. Non-web traffic may present a different risk or no risk at all. Scamalytics see low levels of traffic from DigitalOcean, LLC across our global network, some of which we suspect to be potentially fraudulent. We have no visibility into the web traffic directly from, and therefore apply a risk score of 47/100 based on the overall risk from DigitalOcean, LLC’s IP addresses where we do have visibility. If you see web traffic from this IP address there is potentially a high risk that it is criminals engaged in fraudulent activity. Other types of traffic may present a different risk or no risk. is not a standard domestic connection, it is a commercial server which could be proxying traffic from another geographical location. The geographical location of is in Singapore, however the geographical location of the user could be anywhere in the world.

that's digital ocean. a big wig on vps provider

you will need to pay premium for a clean IP nowadays.
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