Adguard Extension for Edge worse than Chrome?


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I use both Edge and Chrome, and running the extension for both. I see self-block ads on websites that doesn't show on Chrome.
I went through all settings, identical. Updated filters. Even exported my Chrome settings and imported to Edge.
I still see them, and when checking the block list in Chrome it activates filters and the same filter is applied on Edge but doesn't show on that same website when i check blocklist.

Why is it not working so good on Edge? Its blocking ads but not the same amount as Chrome.

I then went forward and installed Adguard for Windows, but its still as bad on blocking in Edge as previously.

Boo Berry

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If AG for Windows isn't working equally as well in Edge as it does in Chrome, then something's wrong with your setup somewhere.

I use both Chrome and Edge and both work perfectly with AG for Windows. So this is a bit strange.


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I found the reason, i disabled Adguard for Edge and Windows and it was still there.... several websites selfnotice ad-block was STILL showing.
I had on Edge selected "Strict" for tracking in the settings - which triggered these self notices. I set Edge to "Balanced" and now the ads are blocked, and not showing any ad-block notifys.