Adguard extention for Chrome is blocking Link sharing in Google Photos


Hi all,

I've already created the same topic on GitHub, but copy the same info below just in case you read it here beforehand:

I think this thing happened before, now it's happening again
Please see the above video I've recorded in order to demonstrate that the link sharing option in Google Photos is gone as soon as I turn on my Adguard extension. The Chrome version is the latest 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I hope this will help to resolve the problem quickly.
Kind regards

AdGuard version

What filters do you have enabled?

AdGuard Base filter, AdGuard Russian filter, AdGuard Spanish/Portuguese filter, AdGuard Turkish filter, AdGuard Tracking Protection filter, AdGuard URL Tracking filter, AdGuard Social Media filter, AdGuard Annoyances filter, EasyPrivacy, Online Malicious URL Blocklist
What Stealth Mode options do you have enabled?

Hide your search queries, Send Do-Not-Track signals, Self-destruction of third-party cookies, Block WebRTC, Hide Referrer from third-parties (specify in comment below, if used custom value), Remove X-Client-Data header from HTTP requests

My Adguard and Chome versions are the latest.