AdGuard fails to Launch (or Crashes?)


Beta Tester
Everytime I launch Adguard, it closes within 2 seconds. It doesn't crash but just disappears. However, if I try multiple times and the app stays till I select the Local VPN dialog box, then the Adguard doesn't disappear/crash at all. So, currently everytime I want to use Adguard, I have to launch the app multiple times until it stays till I get the VPN dialog box.

I am NOT rooted or running any custom ROM. I have also unchecked the option to start Adguard on Startup

Device Name - Galaxy 8.0 (GT-N5110)
OS - Android 4.4.2
Kernel Version -3.0.31
Tried both Adguard Stable and Beta (2.8.15). Beta seems to be more "Stable" in my opinion


Staff member
Do you have any other VPN app installed? What you describe reminds me of Opera Max issues with other VPN apps.