ADGuard Filters or ADGuard DNS ?


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I’m a Apple user device, MacOS and iOS.

I search the better solution for elimination of most of Ads and the best privacy protection. But sometimes I have website doesn’t work correctly. And I think it’s too much protection it’s the guilty.

Using NordVPN, AdGuard 3.0 and browser is 90% Safari. The last 10% is Firefox Focus on iOS.

Can you tell me what’s the better solution ?

1) Filters rules (every type + language) + ADGuard DNS (DNSCrypt or other)

2) Just ADGuard DNS (DNSCrypt or other) + (Filters Safari and Simplified Domain Names Filters)

I’m a french user, sorry for my English.

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I would chouse 1 AdGuard dns cant block trakers
Im a korean user, sorry for my English