AdGuard for Android - 3.3 beta 1

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We hope you were missing our beta versions that can put to shame some releases because we have a laundry list of changes, fixes and improvements. A good portion of it refers to UI, but there are a few performance enhancements and such.

[Added] New activation flow #2901

Not a lot of Android users had a chance to see our AdGuard for iOS app, so they likely don’t know about the system that’s being used there for Premium features activation. But it recommended itself as one that’s convenient for users, so we adopted it for AdGuard for Android too.

As you can see, there are now two options: enter a license key directly, or log into AdGuard personal account. If your account has a license key that can be used to activate Premium, it will get picked up automatically after you enter credentials.

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  • [Added] Preset Stealth Mode settings configurations #2625
  • [Added] abp:subscribe and adguard:subscribe links interception #2918
  • [Added] links interception #2930
  • [Fixed] DNS User filter import bug #2972
  • [Fixed] Some legit hosts lists are not recognized as valid #2982
  • [Fixed] Error while checking updates of resources added from the local storage #2997
  • [Fixed] Quick Settings does not allow to choose a different Privacy protection Level #2768
  • [Improved] AdGuard now uses on-the-fly methods of applying settings changes without restarting the protection when possible #2881
  • [Added] Whitelisting apps option to the Assistant dialog #2853
  • [Added] “On/Off” switch on some screens #2877
  • [Added] Notifications about certificate errors #2722
  • [Added] Link to Version history in the About tab #2774
  • [Added] System default theme option #2174
  • [Added] Empty field validation when adding a new extension #2983
  • [Added] Silent update action as a long-tap on the update button #2890
  • [Added] Ability to copy the current version number by tapping on it #2773
  • [Changed] Toast notifications parameters #3087
  • [Changed] The imported filter list’s URL now won’t be stored if a content: link was used #2813
  • [Changed] Chrome custom tabs now open in the same window #3019
  • [Changed] Premium screens now can be viewed without Premium #2843
  • [Changed] Proxy screen UI #3092
  • [Changed] Update notifications behavior #2922
  • [Changed] DNS request type is now displayed in the Filtering log even when there's no answer #2961
  • [Changed] Tap on filter category titles in search will bring you to the respective category’s screen #3035
  • [Fixed] Minor UI issues #2879
  • [Fixed] Issue with distribution graphs on the main screen #2935
  • [Fixed] Incorrect filter locale is displayed after language change #2971
  • [Fixed] Scrolling issue in the Filtering log #2974
  • [Fixed] Wrong filters status is shown #2987
  • [Fixed] Incorrect updates status when the network is not available #3020
  • [Fixed] “Preparing to start protection” notification #3034
  • [Fixed] “Edit Filter” overlay bug #3045
  • [Fixed] Divider stripe is still shown when there are no updates available #3047
  • [Fixed] Cloudflare DNS description #3062
  • [Fixed] Wrong Chinese date format #3068
  • [Fixed] Application updates icon #3098
  • [Fixed] Missing button shadow #3109
  • [Improved] HTTPS filtering-related UI changes #2896
  • [Improved] UI elements are now focusable on Android TV #2818
  • [Improved] Rich formatting added to some modules’ descriptions #2878
  • [Fixed] Unexpected connections resets #2980
  • [Improved] Target SDK level has been changed to 29 #3053
  • [Improved] Interaction between AdGuard DNS settings and Private DNS #2797
  • [Improved] AdGuard’s network safety and stability #2995
  • [Added] Whitelist export feature #3069
  • [Fixed] AdGuard 3.2 does not launch #3076
  • [Fixed] Update window appears after a short inactivity period #3055
  • [Fixed] Userscripts updates are not tracked by the battery service #3073
  • [Fixed] “Include license data” option works incorrectly when you try to export settings #3067
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.74 #3105
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated
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