AdGuard for Android - 3.4 beta 2 is available!


Quality Assurance
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In this run-of-the-mill beta we fix few bugs and update CoreLibs. It will transform into the next release version if all goes well.

  • [Bug] The app crashes when switching from 4G to Wi-Fi in Local HTTP Proxy Mode #3431
  • [Bug] 'Back' button on the Settings screen works incorrectly #3427
  • [Bug] AdGuard doesn't launch #3430
  • [Other] HTTPS exclusions list has been updated #3419, #3425
  • [Other] Brave Nightly added to the list of supported browsers #3432
  • [Other] Yuzu Browser Plus added to the list of supported browsers #3424
CoreLibs updated to v1.5.265
  • [Bug] Incorrect extended CSS rule causes problems with JS rules #1147
  • [Bug] Cosmetic rules can be used as CSS rules #1293
  • [Bug] 'Proceed anyway' option doesn't work correctly if the website is blocked by a rule with $all modifier #1267
DnsLibs updated to v1.2.26
  • [Other] 'Unblock' button is not visible in Filtering Log details #3429
This version on a Github.
Direct download link.