AdGuard for Android - 3.5.1



Meet the release version 3.5.1 of AdGuard for Android. We’ve been working on improving its integration with AdGuard VPN, and now it seems we’ve maintained their seamless cooperation. Besides, we’ve updated CoreLibs and Dnslibs.

  • [Enhancement] Add Fennec F-Droid to the list of browsers #3587
  • [Enhancement] Add com.huawei.browser to the list of browsers #3495
  • [Enhancement] Enable forcibly HTTPs filtering for the Firefox Fenix browser #3617
  • [Fixed] Make the AdGuard application update work on Android 11 #3564
  • [Fixed] Thai Ads Filters always enabled if the Language Filters group is enabled #3520
  • [Other] Update DnsLibs to the 1.3.24 version #3578
  • [Other] - app is not working #3573
Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.114
  • [Enhancement] Add $ping content type #1258
  • [Enhancement] Check that trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
  • [Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't work with Youtube in Safari macOS Big Sur (infinity circle loader) #727
  • [Fixed] Exclusion with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
  • [Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
  • [Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
  • [Fixed] Redundant errors when accessed from non-HTTPS-filtered processes #1056
  • [Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
  • [Fixed] The foreign requests get into filtering log with enabled DNS module #3411
  • [Fixed] URL contains extra slash while matching against filters and some rules are not applied #1338
  • [Fixed] Wrong filter is shown in Filtering log #1312
  • [Fixed] `$badfilter` rules are sensitive to domain lists #1331
  • [Fixed] #1340
  • [Other] AdGuard for Mac doesn't start protection without internet connection #1323
  • [Other] Fix errors encoding under Windows #79
  • [Other] HTML is not detected on some sites #1308
  • [Other] certificate is not re-issued when it expires #1348
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I guess there's no corresponding forum for the ηightlies? My latest 1 was v4.0η6 (24) dated Oct 1, 2020.… Why nothing since?!