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It's time to release AdGuard v3.5 for Android. We took our time with this one: tested two betas and expanded the changelog. What's in there? Introduced compatibility mode with AdGuard VPN for Android, updated CoreLibs and a load-truck of fixed bugs.

- [Enhancement] Compatibility Mode with AdGuard VPN for Android app #3441

Since AdGuard VPN for Android was first introduced, there was already a way to make it work along with AdGuard ad blocker. But to make the two apps coexist in peace, you were required to jump through some hoops. Anyone who went ahead and did the thing 100% has been waiting for a proper integration ever since — and we oblige.

The best kind of compatibility is when you install two apps and they just start working together. We did exactly that. Presuming you already have AdGuard ad blocker installed, just download AdGuard VPN from Google Play Store (you can get there right from the ad blocker app, there's a new item in General Settings menu).

Both apps will detect each other and do everything that's needed for smooth joint work. All that will be left for you is to enjoy both ad-free Internet and all the benefits
of a VPN. By the way, it works the other way around just as well: install AdGuard ad blocker on top of an already-running AdGuard VPN and you're good.

If you'd like to disable Compatibility Mode for any reason, it's very simple to do so from AdGuard ad blocker settings, just toggle the switch. Additionally, you can add AdGuard ad blocker and AdGuard VPN tiles to your device's notification bar and toggle them in one tap at your own will — thanks to Compatibility Mode the configuration will change immediately and silently.


- [Enhancement] Adaptive icons for app shortcuts #2656
- [Enhancement] Firefox Fenix browser added to the list of default browsers #2861
- [Enhancement] New rules are now added to the top of User filter #2962
- [Enhancement] 'Block' button now immediately switches to 'Unblock' after adding a custom rule via Filtering Log #3012
- [Enhancement] Extended information written to state.txt when logs are exported #3063
- [Enhancement] Enabled userscripts are now included in the query string for the web reporting tool #3288
- [Enhancement] Updates screen now shown when "Check for updates" shortcut is used #3318
- [Enhancement] Added automation API for proxy servers #3363
- [Enhancement] Mozilla Reference browser added to the list of default browsers #3408
- [Enhancement] Added an option to disable DNS fallback #3447
- [Enhancement] AdGuard Simplified Domain Names filter renamed to AdGuard DNS filter #3475
- [Enhancement] Rename adguard.crt to AdGuardCertificate.pem #3489
- [Enhancement] Huawei browser added to the list of default browsers #3495
- [Enhancement] Add the "What's new" dialog #3532
- [Enhanced] Prepare AdGuard before the v3.5 release #3546
- [Fixed] First letter in the sentence is not capitalized automatically on the 'Message to support' screen #3079
- [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't work on devices with Restricted Account #3299
- [Fixed] Toast notification for "Checking for updates" shows late #3343
- [Fixed] Unnecessary "Android Private DNS is enabled" notification on Android 11 #3478
- [Fixed] Downloads in some apps don't work properly on Android 11 #3516
- [Fixed] Wrong state of the disabled option #3538
- [Fixed] Fix a bug related with a strange and small "m^" rule #3548
- [Other] Updated options for default DNS resolvers #3428


- [Enhancement] Added support for comments at the end of line in hosts rules #75
- [Fixed] LDNS logging #73
- [Other] Added upstreams sorting by RTT #39


- [Enhancement] #@# without any domains specified should disable the rule completely #1296
- [Enhancement] Added verification for trusted-types CSP #1320
- [Fixed] Connection has timed out in state have-result #1180
- [Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
- [Fixed] Process name detection causes warnings in Windows Security #1316
- [Fixed] OCSP checks aren't passed through the selected DNS #1328
- [Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
- [Other] Connection speed is capped when AdGuard is enabled #702

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You will not know for sure if you do not try :)
It was a widely reported issue by multiple Pixel owners. So if it works for others, I will be more convinced to try. At one point AdGuard blamed it on Google and said it could not be fixed, which is why I switched to another app, which has not caused a single reboot. I like your product and I am a lifetime license holder. But I could not have my phone reboot daily for no good reason. This issue was/is serious and I was hoping to see something about it in the changelog. But I did not. So I cannot trust that it has been resolved. I will watch the forum for reports from other users and come back to this issue again later.
Here is a relevant thread from April 2020: