AdGuard for Android - 3.6.2 beta 1 is available!


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Meet AdGuard v3.6.2 for Android beta! In this version we’ve updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs to v1.7.211 and to v1.5.18 respectively, added a few apps to the list of exclusions, and improved data collection for submitting reports. Besides, we have fixed some other minor issues like parsing SDNS links for DoQ servers.


[Enhancement] Added Microsoft Edge Canary browser to the list of supported browsers [#3808]
[Enhancement] Added Iceraven Browser to the list of supported browsers [#3797]
[Enhancement] Added QQ and UC browsers to the list of supported browsers [#3707]
[Enhancement] Added Vivaldi Snapshot to the HTTPS filtering list [#3741]
[Enhancement] Privacy Browser Support [#3677]
[Enhancement] Added popular Wi-Fi calling servers to the default exclusions list [#3742]
[Enhancement] Added posteitaliane.posteapp.appbpol to exclusions [#3756]
[Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v1.7.180 [#3737]
[Fixed] Built-in iptables is missing support for “-p dport” [#3782]
[Fixed] Disable HTTPS filtering for [#3655]
[Fixed] Unable to get a trial period [#3691]
[Fixed] com.tomtom.amigo.huawei app incompatibility [#3767]
[Fixed] — VoIP/SIP issue [#3810]
[Other] Added Kurdish localization [#3774]
[Other] Added “UniFi Network” to the apps exclusions list
[Other] Updated DnsLibs to v1.5.18
[Other] Updated CoreLibs to v1.7.211
[Fixed] CSS rules with URL shouldn’t be allowed [#1431]

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