AdGuard for Android - 3.6.2


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Well, well, 3.6.2 release arrived. One beta and two RCs have proved successful, we said, “Hooray,” and released the final version right away.

So, what’s inside it? We could write about updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs, improved data collection for reports and minor issues like parsing SDNS links for DoQ servers, but honestly, not many people would understand what the hell it means. Trust us, the app has only gotten better!

P.S. v4.0 is coming. Hopefully, v3.6.2 will be the last way station before the new era.


[Enhancement] Added Microsoft Edge Canary browser to the list of supported browsers [#3808]
[Enhancement] Added Iceraven Browser to the list of supported browsers [#3797]
[Enhancement] Added QQ and UC browsers to the list of supported browsers [#3707]
[Enhancement] Added Privacy Browser to the list of supported browsers [#3677]
[Enhancement] Added Vivaldi Snapshot to the HTTPS filtering list [#3741]
[Enhancement] Added popular Wi-Fi calling servers to the default exclusions list [#3742]
[Enhancement] Added posteitaliane.posteapp.appbpol to exclusions [#3756]
[Fixed] Built-in iptables is missing support for “-p dport” [#3782]
[Fixed] Disable HTTPS filtering for [#3655]
[Fixed] Unable to get a trial period [#3691]
[Fixed] com.tomtom.amigo.huawei app incompatibility [#3767]
[Fixed] — VoIP/SIP issue [#3810]
[Fixed] Buffer was exhausted while reading /proc/net/tcp6 [#3832]
[Other] Added Kurdish localization [#3774]
[Other] Updated DnsLibs to v1.5.26 [#3829]
[Other] Added “UniFi Network” to the apps exclusions list

Updated CoreLibs to v1.7.211

[Fixed] CSS rules with URL shouldn’t be allowed [#1431]
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering issue at [#1406]

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