AdGuard for Android 3.6.3 - beta 1


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Do you remember the day when we solemnly announced that AdGuard v4.0 for Android is coming? Today, standing at the threshold of a new era and foreseeing bright prospects, we are finally releasing it... v3.6.3 beta. Ba-dum-tss!


[Fixed] Proxy gets disabled after each AdGuard VPN update [#3680]
[Fixed] Stealth mode settings configured in the setup wizard are not applied [#3747]
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't let users of the MEGA app log in [#3837]
[Fixed] "NetworkCallback was not registered" error when stopping protection [#3870]
[Fixed] Instagram doesn't work in Local HTTP Proxy mode (root access) [#3879]
[Fixed] NektoMe doesn't work when AdGuard is enabled [#374]
[Fixed] If a phone has access to an IPv6 connection, AdGuard for Android fails to connect to DNS-over-QUIC servers that are only accessible over IPv4 [#3927]
[Fixed] The issue with changing the language in the DNS section [#3731]
[Fixed] Root + Local HTTP proxy slowdown on Android 7 [#3844]
[Fixed] Check proxy connection status error [#3848]
[Fixed] TikTok doesn't work when AdGuard is enabled [#3866]
[Fixed] Wrong exclusions suggested for $removeparam rules in the filtering log [#3873]
[Fixed] Don't pass DNS64 settings to DNSLibs if IPv4 network interface is present [#3886]
[Fixed] Connection issues on Fujitsu devices
[Fixed] Issue with an expired security certificate
[Fixed] Extend public networks list to force IPv4 default route
[Fixed] connection issues on several devices
[Fixed] Stealth mode screen can't be scrolled
[Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.163 [#3945]
[Enhancement] Updated DnsLibs to v1.6.29 [#3952]
[Enhancement] DNS-over-QUIC (Removed "experimental" label) [#3842]
[Enhancement] Turkey - Turkcell VoWifi new IP address [#3864]
[Enhancement] Fanboy's Annoyance List's Subscription URL is broken [#3865]
[Enhancement] Enable HTTPS filtering by default for Edge Dev, Edge Beta, and Styx Browser [#3897]
[Enhancement] Do not hardcode excluding AdGuard VPN package from filtering [#3923]
[Enhancement] Added Yandex Browser to the list of browsers [#3951]

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