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After the last update of AdGuard for Android, some users may have encountered the problem of the app crashing when using earlier versions of the Firefox browser. Well, we decided to close all debts this year and release the patch today. We also did something that no release can do without: we updated CoreLibs.


[Fixed] AdGuard crashes while using earlier versions of Firefox browser [#4068]
[Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.281 [#4076]

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~ Sí, ése es. El programa de la actualización v3.6.6 de AdGuard AdBlocker. Pero por desgracia, parece que no se ha cumplido con el arreglo del problema entre AdGuard y Firefox en sus versiones de "la vieja escuela"...

Yes, that's it. The AdGuard AdBlocker v3.6.6 update program. But unfortunately, it seems that the fix of the problem between AdGuard and Firefox in their "old school" versions has not been fulfilled...

~ Lo explicaré en el Technical Support: «AdGuard 3.6.6 versus Firefox 68.11.0»

I will explain it in the Technical Support: "AdGuard 3.6.6 versus Firefox 68.11.0"

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Technical Support (AdGuard for Android):

1. «AdGuard 3.6.6 versus Firefox 68.11.0»

2. «¡AdGuard AdBlocker se desconecta! / ¡AdGuard AdBlocker disconnects!»

3. «AdGuard AdBlocker, Firefox Browser and the Android Trusted Credentials»

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Even after updates, adguard crashes on firefox! I hope support solves this issue!

~ Gracias, gracias, gracias. Gracias Danielle por participar y exponer también el problema. Ya me sentía solo y aislado frente al mismo. Y, por desgracia, el problema persiste en la nueva actualización de AdGuard...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you Danielle for participating and also exposing the problem. I already felt alone and isolated in front of it. And, unfortunately, the problem persists in the new AdGuard update...