AdGuard for Android - 3.6.7


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Lately some of our users experienced discomfort — they couldn’t make voice calls in WhatsApp when AdGuard v3.6.6 for Android is enabled. The CoreLibs team managed to combat this problem.
Besides, we’ve made several fixes to the scriptlets library. To recap, scriptlets are powerful blocking tools. In particular, they carry out a noble mission: to neutralize anti ad blockers. The previous version of AdGuard for Android had a scriptlet library that contained an incorrect fix for rules like `#%#/scriptlet(“abort-current-inline-script”, ...)`, which could break some web pages; now the problem is solved.
Having dealt with all the issues, we’re ready to present a new version. Please meet v3.6.7, we’ve done our best for it to function smoothly.


[Fixed] AdGuard breaks calls in WhatsApp [#4080]
[Enhancement] CoreLibs to v1.8.285 [#4089]

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