AdGuard for Android 3.6.8

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In this version we've added a new feature — 'Protect from DPI'. In a nutshell, it modifies your outgoing traffic to prevent ISP's Deep Packet Inspection systems from detecting the websites you visit. To make this feature visible and enable it, select 'Custom' in the Stealth Mode tab and scroll down.

Besides, we've fixed extensions settings and enabled HTTPS filtering by default for Naver Whale Browser. Finally, CoreLibs and DnsLibs were updated.


  • [Fixed] AdGuard not turning on inside Samsung secure folder, Android 12 #4073
  • [Fixed] Replace the "Move certificate" with "AdGuard certificate" as a recommended Magisk module #4126
  • [Fixed] Check "pref.dns.blocking.type" translations, they seem to be outdated #4133
  • [Fixed] The URL in about wrongly includes the front words (zh-TW) #3654
  • [Fixed] Make sure that we open proper settings section when installing a certificate on Samsung devices #4115
  • [Fixed] Add an DPI-bypass option to AdGuard Stealth Mode #4131
  • [Other] Update CoreLibs and DnsLibs to their latest versions

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