[AdGuard for Android] beta version 3.1.0


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This is the first real beta after the last AdGuard for Android release. As you will see, there are a lot of UI changes to improve user experience. All known crashes have been addressed to, so the app should be more stable after the update.

Ad blocking
  • [Changed] Opera Touch has been added to the browsers list #2691
  • [Fixed] HTTPS Filtering is unavailable on some devices #2736
  • [Fixed] AG breaks captive portals authentication #2713
  • [Improved] DNS-related functionality has been updated #2749
  • [Improved] Optimised interaction with Magisk v.19.0 #2679
  • [Added] "Export the license information" flag when exporting settings #2622
  • [Added] "Modified requests" filter to filtering log #2623
  • [Added] A confirmation dialog when exiting AdGuard #2566
  • [Added] An option to download updates manually #2299
  • [Added] An option to run the onboarding tool for the second time #2562
  • [Added] Attention bar on the main screen if no filters are enabled #2609
  • [Added] Icons to switchbars #2610
  • [Changed] "Filters auto-update period" setting is now grayed out when filters auto-update is disabled #2593
  • [Changed] Battery usage chart draw style has been changed #2669
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated #2725
  • [Changed] More information about events is shown now by default in filtering log #2564
  • [Changed] New UI for landscape orientation #2335
  • [Changed] The descriptions for Stealth Mode options have been updated #2660
  • [Fixed] An issue with screen rotation #2721
  • [Fixed] Inconsistency with context menu position on the Proxy settings screen #2641
  • [Fixed] Incorrect display of letters on the App management screen #2619
  • [Fixed] Last selected statistics date range does not persist #2516
  • [Fixed] Logs for exporting have been stripped of identifying information #2639
  • [Fixed] Occasionally stats for ads blocked are not shown correctly #2627
  • [Fixed] Splash screen is white when dark theme is enabled #2657
  • [Fixed] System language detection fails in some cases #2684
  • [Fixed] UI corrections on the main screen #2617
  • [Fixed] UI does not support Android TV #2611
  • [Fixed] Widget 1x1 is missing on some devices #2666
  • [Improved] First launch VPN description has been improved #2640
  • [Improved] Multiple Filtering log improvements #2638
  • [Improved] Separators have been added to statistics for better readability #2630
  • [Improved] UI has been made more friendly towards color-blind people #2637
  • [Changed] The suggested battery capacity value for Huawei devices has been changed #2587
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes when you create rules from the filtering log #2737
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crtashes when you import settings #2687
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't recognize the SSL certificate #2675
  • [Fixed] Background activity will be blocked in future Q builds #2629
  • [Fixed] Compatibility problems
  • [Fixed] Crash in the Apps Management settings #2308
  • [Fixed] Protection turns on after app restart #2491
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated