AdGuard for android block Sygic and make github cannot access

Trinh Duc

Beta Tester
Hi adguard team,

Today I recognize that when i enable Aguard for mobile, Sygic stuck at screen detecting country to download map. (You can try remove and fresh install Sygic map). I am on East Asia for specific. And I see this issue on github but one member of adguard team cannot re-procedure the problem. I think maybe it related to region? When I disable adguard completely, sygic detect country right away. The same problem happened to Here map last year.
Secondly, today I can't access github through chrome browser. Chrome said the connection error something related to pinning certificate. I try to remove certificate and install in system (use move cert) again. But it seems not to resolve problem.

I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 on Android 6.0.1
Hope you guys can fix this problem and if I can do something to give you more infomation, please guide me!
Thanks for your greate adblock tool.

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
As for the Chrome Github issue, you should clear Chrome's app data+cache and the connection error will go away.

That is actually common after moving the Adguard cert to system.

Trinh Duc

Beta Tester
Actually, it suddenly happens, because I have moved certificate about months ago without problem And today it just happened, I don't even touch to Adguard months ago
Thanks for your advice, I'll try to remove Chrome cache and data.
What about Sygic map? Any suggestions or fixes?