[Adguard for Android - Nightly v.3.2] All elements of domain https://whocallsme.com blocked loads white page


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As the title says, this website will load but only the header banner is viewable. All other elements of the site load as a blank page.

I did enable some privacy filters that were off by default. Log exports attached and advise anything else that I should post, as this is my first (possible?) bug report.

The site loads just fine as soon as I disable Adguard.

On another note, after sending Chrome to background to access the Adguard app and export logs, the Thread Title text field of this post was cleared. The body text of the post was not, however. Minor inconvenience, but annoying nonetheless. Any reason that would happen?


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I dont thinck it is adguards problem when i tri the page lodes good
Strange it's working for you. Reinstalled the latest nighty with default settings, still won't load. Pause it and everything is fine.

Dunno what the point of giving free beta keys away is if they ignore issues, but whatever. I'll keep reporting stuff and they can ignore it as they please.

Thanks for the reply though. At least I know it's not invisible.