AdGuard for Android v.1.1.835 release

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Dear users!

We would like to announce a new update for Adguard for Android. No, it's not v1.2 yet, but is getting closer to release every day.
This version is mostly about various bugfixes:

  • Added support of Habit browser and Yandex browser beta.
  • Google Messenger app added to exclusions list
  • Fixed a bug with local network exclusion. Now local network is properly excluded on all devices. This should fix some compatibility issues: working with local FTP servers, Sonos, Amazon Fire TV, etc.
  • Fixed filtering issue with websites which use Content-Security-Policy.
  • Fixed an issue with proxy+automatic filtering mode on devices with kernel version 3.10.
  • Fixed Adguard filtering in case of using proxy server with port 80.
  • Fixed UI issue when bandwidth saved value is more than 1GB.
  • Fixed major bug in the filtering engine.
  • Fixed Google Play Music compatibility issue.
  • Fixed an issue with waiting for ROOT access on device boot.

You can also discuss this release in our blog:
Not open for further replies.