AdGuard for Android v.2.1

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We greet you today with a special news: Adguard for Android v.2.1.177 is released! If you haven't updated to it yet, now is the time.

+ 'Firewall' section added to settings, with an ability to disable it completely.
+ Firewall: Added an ability to temporary pause blocking for foreground application
+ Added low-level settings that can help with the work in non-standard networks and custom firmware
+ An option has been added to low-level configuration, which prohibits VPN pause when changing the network or disconnecting from it

* Reworked the DNS-filtering - now it should work even where external DNS are blocked
* Reworked the application life cycle: now the protection can be turned off/on without any issues
* Fixed application restart after deep sleep
* Fixed critical error that led to Adguard restart
* Fixed a mechanism for identifying modem and access point mode and showing a warning
* Fixed authorization problem in the Moscow Subway
* Fixed problem sending SMS/MMS in the AT&T network
* Fixed an issue with collecting traffic statistics
* Fixed rare problem with automatic filter updates

* Fixed an issue with firewall interface on small screens
* Added support for new browsers: Dolphin Zero, Ghostery, CM Private Browsing, Jbak Browser and more
* Exceptions added: Handcent Next SMS, Chomp SMS, FarmVille 2
* Updated German and Polish localizations
* Fixed several issues in the interface
Too much to explain everything here, so better to leave a link to our blog. If it is not enough and you still have any questions, just ask them in comments.


Congratulations, guys!

However, I just installed this version and noticed that the "user filter" section under "settings" lacks the "add new rule" button. I see no way to add my own rules now. Or am I missing something obvious?

Edit: OK, false alarm, found out how to add rules again.
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We've missed to post release notes for patch 2.1.240:

Also today we've released one more patch for Adguard: version 2.1.267.

Release notes:

* [Added] New low-level setting "". Allows to change the list of apps for which network filtering is disabled:

* [Fixed] Problem with filtering stuck at detecting filtered app:

* [Fixed] Cannot download file larger than 2Gb:

* [Fixed] [Critical] Wakelock when there are semi-closed connections:

* [Fixed] Compatibility issue with My JDownloader:

* [Fixed] App crash while checking if app is in foreground:

* [Fixed] Disabled update check for Amazon build:

* Minor changes:
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