AdGuard for Android v.2.7

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Hi! We can't wait to tell you about new Adguard for Android version!

It has a little bit for everyone. If you like to have everything under control and customize filtering for every app, check out new settings section - 'Apps & Statistics'. It is much easier now to make your apps behave exactly as you want them to.

For custom filter rules enthusiasts we have a new modifier: $app. Create rules that affect only one specific app, or all other apps except for it.

Those who use Android N devices will save a lot of nerves now - new version of Adguard automatically detects if an app is created specifically for Android N, which allows to avoid many problems (this affects some other potentially problematic apps too).

And everybody will notice a general increase in quality. Many bugs were fixed, many useful changes were made. All details are in the changelog below.


[Added] 'Apps & Statistics' settings section #633

We decided to seriously redesign our Firewall section. There will be no more 'Apps & Settings' sub-section inside 'Firewall'. Instead, we introduce a whole new first-level section named 'Apps & Statistics'. It very much resembles the now gone 'Apps & Settings' but has some differences. For example, we got rid of 'global' switches - these buttons were too misleading.

Also, you can now disable network access when the screen is off, and you can configure it for each app separately. Not only new connections are not allowed when this option is enabled, but also all existing connections are terminated when the screen goes off.

Another big change is disposal of exclusions lists. Now you can simply add an app to exceptions through the 'Apps and Statistics' screen. There are other changes too, and we will not list them all here. We believe the new layout is more intuitive and you will have no troubles navigating through it.

Important note: this is not yet a big redesign we plan to do in Adguard 3.0. Only the tip of the iceberg :)

[Added] An option to browse for a file to import user filter #120
[Added] A notification to inform user of expiring license #606
[Added] New localizations: Slovak & Norwegian Bokmål #688, #717
[Changed] Disabled vibration and sound for Adguard notifications #205
[Changed] Instead of stopping protection on settings change, a toast message is showed #667
[Changed] When user changes default firewall settings, ask him if he wants to reset per-app settings #675
[Changed] Show notification when VPN is revoked #672
[Changed] Adguard now counts DNS traffic towards a special "virtual" package named "DNS" #668
[Changed] Made some minor UI enhancements #684, #685, #687, #692, #697, #698, #700, #721, #726
[Fixed] Adguard closes if you swipe it with 'No icon' notification setting #662
[Fixed] An issue with Samsung's buggy firmware (messed notification sounds) #716
[Improved] Premium features description #669
[Improved] UI accessibility for a visually impaired users #519

Ad Blocking

[Added] $app modifier #544

This modifier will be useful for advanced users who create their own custom rules. It allows both blocking ads in a specific app and blocking ads everywhere except for that app. For example, Facebook uses same domains for both ads and useful stuff. This modifier allows to block facebook ads in other apps without breaking the Facebook app itself.

[Fixed] Detect if app targets Android N #653

Due to Android N security policy, HTTPs filtering is impossible for apps developed specifically for Android N, or other apps where user-installed certificates are not trusted. Previously that could lead to errors and app crashes. Now Adguard detects if app targets Android N and does not filter HTTPS for such apps.

[Added] RoList filter to the list of supported filters #523
[Changed] Several browsers were added to the list of filtered by default #708, #731
[Fixed] Disabling filtering for "Android OS" now fully excludes OS packages from the VPN #732
[Improved] Added support for the :style pseudo class syntax #701
[Improved] Modified $empty modificator behavior to improve filtering #677
[Improved] Increased content filtering rules maximum length limit #590


[Changed] Allowed DNS requests for root user #535
[Fixed] An issue when allowed apps couldn't connect when DNS was blocked #714, #720
[Fixed] SSL whitelist no more can be applied to random domains #738
[Fixed] Resolved shadowing of our Apache commons classes by old versions shipped in Android #709
[Improved] All our requests are now more secure with SSL/TLS #611


[Added] Automatic protection restart after Adguard update #725
[Fixed] Self killing on update #696


From now on it will be much easier for users to add any app to exclusions. No need to go to low-level settings anymore, just open the apps screen in 'Apps and Statistics' and add it to exclusions from there.

Following compatibility issues were fixed:

- Ad blocking interferes with videos in news app #711
- Upload doesn't work for Yandex Disk #736
- Samsung Battery Saving mode #378, #656
- HTC battery optimization #536
- Sync for Reddit app #645
- Cortana voice app #661
- Lazada app #680
- Smart appointments in Google Calendar #658

Following apps were added to exclusions due to problems caused by filtering:

Idealo, Mountainview, Itau, Yik Yak, Box, Jet, MeetMe, MoovIt, Waze, Prisma, Grindr, Romeo Uncut, SwiftKey, S Voice, Goes,,, Coursera, Astana Bank, Google Now, Yandex Navigator, Heetch, TomTom Go Mobile, Amazon apps, some banking apps

(Issues: #673, #729, #641, #516, #642, #676, #612, #528, #492, #733, #715, #710, #702, #712, #686, #679, #674, #659, #655, #650, #637, #584, #447, #624, #647)

You can already update through the app, so we wait for your comments below!


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When will a filter "List-KR" be included?
When I tap on "Firewall section -> Cellular data when screen is off ", It shows a popup with 2 buttons "No" and "Change", but both buttons checks/unchecks the checkbox.


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When I tap on "Firewall section -> Cellular data when screen is off ", It shows a popup with 2 buttons "No" and "Change", but both buttons checks/unchecks the checkbox.
Can confirm, filed a bug:

EDIT: Ok, I messed up. Both me and @sh2662 misread the notification text. Actually, no bug there - the question is not about confirming your decision, but about changing the setting for all apps with no exceptions.


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Not a bug, but I suggest leaving that issue open on github until we change the notification text to something more clear.


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@jacase no good news:(. The problem is that some video ads are double-encrypted now, and we have not found a way of decrypting it.


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Purchased today with 50% discount. Very Happy. Must have app for android. saves lot of money by blocking ads which drains balance by clicking only. Thanks Adguard team.
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