[Adguard for Android] v 3.2.98 beta

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First beta since the v3.1 release, and out of the gates it's packed with new stuff. Custom userscripts, DNS User filter, newbie-friendly feature discovery, hosts syntax support for DNS filters. And a looooooooong list of other changes, bugfixes and UI improvements. Let's go:

[Added] Userscripts support #34
Userscripts (we also call them extensions) are basically mini-programs written in Javascript that extend the functionality of one or more websites. Usually, you'd need some special userscript manager to add them, and it's traditionally more of a desktop thing. But with AdGuard everything is possible! Now you can add any userscripts by URL or load them from a file, and AdGuard will serve as a userscript manager and take care of the rest. Go to Settings > Extensions to enable some of the pre-installed extensions or to add custom userscripts.

[Added] Extension Details activity #2807

By the way, you can tap on any userscript from among the added ones to see more details and to reinstall or delete it.

[Added] Feature discovery #2459

We try to position AdGuard for Android as an app you can *technically* turn on and forget about it, but that can offer so much more if you spend some time to explore it. To help new users not get lost in many many features we added over the years, we'll now highlight the most important UI elements and give short tooltips that explain what they are all about. This will only happen when you visit this or that screen for the first time, of course, otherwise, it would become old very soon.

[Added] DNS User filter #2803

This is very similar to the regular User filter for custom filtering rules, but for DNS requests. You can find it at Settings > DNS Filtering > DNS Requests blocking. DNS User filter supports two types of syntax: a limited portion of AdGuard syntax and "hosts" syntax. More about it in our Knowledge Base.

[Added] Custom hosts files support #1851

Another DNS-related feature. AdGuard users now can add any hosts lists as custom DNS filters. Again, this option is on the Settings > DNS Filtering > DNS Requests blocking screen.

[Fixed] IPv6 filtering doesn't work in automatic proxy mode #2579

Not a new feature, but a very important fix. Many users with rooted devices use AdGuard in automatic proxy mode, and it turned out that IPv6 filtering wasn't working in this mode. This beta fixes the problem.

Ad blocking
[Added] "Disable AMP" userscript #2815
[Changed] Google DOH and DOT URLs in the configuration have been updated #2844
[Fixed] A bug with license status, filters and userscripts updates #2855
[Fixed] The value for one of Stealth Mode settings can't be set #2788
[Fixed] DNS filter's metadata doesn't update #2830
[Fixed] Filter groups' statuses aren't restored from backup #2887
[Fixed] Double tap is required to start protection #2883
[Fixed] Custom filters aren't restored from backup [#2864]
[Fixed] Wrong rule is suggested when blocking an HTTPS tunnel request #2865
[Improved] CoreLibs filtering engine has been updated to v1.4.91 #2928

[Added] An error toast when an error occurs during a long-running background task #2819
[Added] Response status to the DNS log entry details #2835
[Changed] Languages' names have been homogenized in the language select menu #2753
[Changed] A bullet has been added to the statistics period selection dialogue #2756
[Changed] Icons order in Apps Management has been made consistent #2777
[Changed] Notification about updated userscripts and filters #2796
[Changed] Dialogs on the Stealth mode screen #2808
[Changed] "New custom filter" dialogues layout #2809
[Changed] An indicator telling that AG cannot filter itself has been added to Apps Management #2700
[Changed] AdGuard and Proxy notifications have been combined into a single notification group #2718
[Changed] Upstream DNS server's address is now shown in the Filtering log #2735
[Changed] "Get Premium" activity now closes after the free trial is successfully started #2816
[Fixed] UI bug on older LG devices #2789
[Fixed] Settings activity doesn't run on some devices with rare firmware #2770
[Fixed] Search results in Filtering log do not include some matching entries #2681
[Fixed] Valid email address is highlighted as if it was invalid #2752
[Fixed] Minor UI-related issues #2870
[Fixed] An inconsistency with the UI of Stealth Mode settings #2854
[Fixed] Wrong text below the license type in the main menu #2903
[Fixed] UI resets to the classic theme after switching the update channel #2784
[Improved] User dialogues have been greatly improved #2754
[Improved] Items in dialogues are now highlighted on tap #2716

[Added] TCP listener to the DNS filtering proxy #2470
[Changed] "Block WebRTC" Stealth Mode option is now applied to browsers only #2757
[Fixed] IPv6 is not resolved within IPv6 VPNs if the main connection is IPv4-only #2325
[Fixed] Proxy settings won't renew if a user disables proxy via notification #2707
[Fixed] Low-level setting pref.dns.blocking.nxdomain works inconsistently #2847
[Fixed] Search suggestions don't work in Firefox #2884

[Added] Userscripts metadata localizations #2806
[Changed] File names for exported User filter and Whitelist #2880
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes to desktop #2762
[Fixed] AdGuard freezes when the device orientation is switched to landscape mode at a certain time #2765
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes after adding a certain custom filter #2888
[Fixed] App sometimes crashes upon launch on S10+ devices #2825
[Fixed] DNSProxy logging level does not change #2858
[Improved] AdGuard now launches faster #2786
[Changed] Localizations have been updated
[Fixed] Compatibility issues
[Fixed] Few rare crashes

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