AdGuard for Android v2.10.164

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We usually try to avoid having “inbetween” major updates, but this time is different. There were not as many big changes to justify labeling this version 2.11, but some of them are still very important so we couldn’t just keep shelving them.

A couple of serious bugs have been fixed: misbehaving “Protection” button on Android 7, certificate detection issue and “broken” whitelist. You’ll find a lot of minor fixes too, plus updated translations.

[Fixed] "Protection" button misbehaves #1556

The AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation method on Android 7.x could remove whole chunks of AdGuard code on its optimization step. This led to various problems, including the persistence of VPN connection despite the disabled protection.

[Fixed] Certificate detection issue #1543

We have changed the algorithm of user certificate detection and it now works more correctly.

Ad blocking

[Fixed] Whitelist is not working #1504


[Fixed] Unexpected exception in the onUdpConnectRequest handler #1501
[Fixed] Automatic proxy (with root) is starting very slowly #1516
[Fixed] Disabling net access for Android OS does not work #1498
[Fixed] Moscow subway Wi-Fi cannot work with DNS filtering enabled #1546
[Fixed] Disabling internet access for Android OS does not work #1498
[Fixed] Internet is not working after switching from Local HTTP proxy(root) to VPN #1558


[Fixed] Minor UI issue in traffic stats screen #1500
[Fixed] The application is not fully translated after changing the language #1514
[Fixed] Proxy port more than 32767 is converted to 0 #1489
[Fixed] Incorrect calculation result of "App Details "screen #1509
[Fixed] Protection restarts when exporting settings #1517
[Fixed] Import of previously exported settings is buggy #1571
[Fixed] The visual glitch with 2 active DNS servers is back #1374


[Changed] Japanese translation
[Changed] Traditional Chinese translation
[Changed] Several compatibility fixes
[Fixed] The header is not written after the HAR file rollover #1526
[Fixed] AG should request write_external_storage permission in runtime when it's required #1502
[Fixed] Proxy mode with Magisk 14.2 takes 2+ minutes to enable #1527
[Fixed], are not accessible with the HTTPS filtering enabled #1567
[Fixed] Alisa is broken in Yandex.Browser alpha #1557

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