AdGuard for Android v2.12.233


Nobody likes to roll out a hotfix just a week after the release, but sometimes there’s no other choice. We took this opportunity to not only fix the problem but also to update the CoreLibs filtering engine and make a handful of other useful changes.

[Fixed] AdGuard does not restart after auto-pause on older Android devices #2127

Turned out, on some older devices (Android 6 and older) AdGuard didn't restart after the protection got paused automatically (say, on the network state change). This affected a large enough portion of AdGuard users to justify an immediate update.

[Changed] Localizations has been updated
[Fixed] An error occurring during the license activation #2134
[Fixed] Expiring certificate issue on 32-bit Android devices #2128
[Improved] CoreLibs has been upgraded to 1.1.53 #2141

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