[AdGuard for Android] v2.8.71 RC

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v2.8.71 RC

An important hotfix for the recent release of Adguard v2.8. It contains only one, but crucial fix.

[Fixed] Routes exclusion string bug #939

This bug affected Adguard's work in WiFi networks and could lead to several problems, such as: no filtering fore some websites, local network FTP-server disability, incorrect functioning of WiFi calling feature.

As usual, you can read about new release and download it on the GitHub:

v2.8.58 RC

Looking forward to Adguard v2.8, today we push out a release candidate. A couple of leftover bugs were fixed, several other changes and improvements were made.

[Changed] Some localizations were updated #919
[Changed] YuBrowser and Brave browser added to the browser list #922
[Fixed] $app modifier is ignored when HTML content is being filtered #921
[Fixed] HTML filtering rules with wildcard attribute can not be parsed #917
[Improved] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing service requests #912
[Improved] Adguard styles are now protected from removal #913

Compatibility issues

* Puffin browser #915
* Citi Mobile® #920
* Samsung Theme store #916

v2.8.53 RC

Hello! Supposedly, this is the last beta version before v2.8 release. We bring some new toys for advanced users and, as usual, more compatibility fixes.

Ad Blocking

[Added] `pref.root.clear.youtube` low-level flag #907

This option will allow rooted users to automate removing Youtube app data, which appears to be crucial for blocking ads in it.

[Fixed] Adguard does not filter HTTPS in Youtube #904
[Fixed] $replace modifier breaks content charset #899


[Added] `pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass` low-level setting #909

If this option is enabled, Adguard will ignore all IPv4 connections. This might appear wierd and unnecessary, but in reality it allows to use Adguard as a 'DNS-level' ad blocker. You only need to enable the following options: `pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass`, `pref.vpn.ipv6.bypass`, DNS requests filtering and Adguard DNS filter (the latter is not crucial, but will help immensely with blocking ads in browsers). Adguard will cease filtering other apps' traffic, and will only block ad domains on the DNS requests level. As a result, ad blocking quality will drop and Firewall functionality will not be available, but also there will be close to zero performance penalty.

Other issues

[Fixed] 'Filter autoupdate period' is now item inactive when 'Autoupdate filters' option is disabled #897
[Fixed] No 4G connection after WiFi is disabled #886
[Fixed] Divider between 'Autoupdate filters' and 'Filters autoupdate period' is displaced on some devices #896
[Fixed] System apps are not listed in Apps management section #888
[Fixed] Different stats on the main screen and inside of 'Apps Management' #902
[Fixed] Adguard app is "disabled" in Apps Management, but some data stats for it can be seen #889
[Fixed] Adguard crashes when you enter value of invalid type in low-level settings #887
[Fixed] $empty modifier and access-control-allow-origin header #885

Compatibility issues

* AquaMail #898
* ua.novaposhtaa #900
* kde.kdeconnect_tp #894
* ru.beeline.services #895
* Dunkin' Donuts App #890
* Chrome Canary #893

Beta v2.8.40

Hello! This beta has a little bit of everything - some new additions (like DNS filter and $important modifier), some compatibility and other fixes, as well as some quality of life improvements (e.g. you can now customize update check period for filters).

Ad Blocking

[Added] Adguard DNS filter #876

Fresh addition to the Adguard filters family. Adguard DNS filter is composed of several filters (English filter, Social media filter, Spyware filter, Mobile ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy), modified for better DNS filtering. It blocks ads and trackers wherever it is possible to indicate own DNS addresses. Note that it will block the whole domains and not the specific URLs. You can learn more about DNS blocking by visiting this page.

[Changed] "Filter DNS requests" feature is now available for non-premium users #875

With Adguard DNS introduced and being free, there is no point in keeping this Adguard for Android feature paid. Now it will be equally accessible for all users alike. There is still plenty of good stuff in the Premium version of the app :)

[Added] $important modifier #833
[Added] A new low-level setting: "pref.boot.startup.delay" #776
[Changed] Armorfly Browser added to the list of browsers filtered by default #862
[Improved] Users are now allowed to select filters update check period #746


[Changed] New server is now used for filters #863
[Changed] The way Adguard blocks IPv6 #853
[Changed] WoSign and StartCom certificates are now distrusted #880
[Fixed] "Operation not permitted" error while processing UDP connection #840
[Fixed] Crash due to "Too many open files" error #834
[Fixed] ENOBUFS error while writing to the TUN #724
[Fixed] SOCKS 5 proxy blocks internet traffic #660


[Changed] System packages list is added to the "Tech info" section of "Android OS" details screen #857
[Fixed] Unnecessary exception is logged #854
[Fixed] Turkish translation errors #847

Compatibility issues

Crunchyroll app #837
TSB's Mobile Banking app #852
PopkonTV app #860
Raumfeld app #873
Raiffeisen mobile apps #851
mstoo.asiae.co.kr #665
newstube.ru #711
ru.yota.android #762

Beta v2.8.1

Hello! This beta ends our 2-months 'break'. But we were not sitting on our hands - just look at the changelog. A lot of new additions and fixes to old bugs. Notably, we added the support for extended CSS. Why is it so important? If you use Adguard for Windows, you should already know. Otherwise, just read the release notes.
Ad Blocking

[Added] Support for Extended CSS and Extended Selectors (https://github.com/AdguardTeam/ExtendedCss) #810

Extended CSS support is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Currently we support following pseudo-classes: -ext-has ( :has ), -ext-contains ( :contains ), -ext-matches-css ( :matches-css ).

'Extended selector' is a technical term, but what hides behind it? With extended selectors support, we can much more easily create some rules that were very, very hard to create earlier. Notably, this concerns rules required to block such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.

[Added] 'pref.filtered.ports' added to low level settings - advanced users can now add new ports to filter #796
[Added] $websocket content type modifier - it will enable to use rules written exclusively for WebSocket connections #801
[Added] $important rule modifier #833
[Fixed] Inconsistent behavior of $image rule modifier #796
[Improved] Increased content filtering rules maximum length limit #590
[Improved] HAR file writer, which is used for debugging purposes #784
[Improved] QUIC-connections blocking for the Chrome browser #766


[Added] 'Installation date' to the app details screen #794
[Added] A Quick Settings tile for Android N and up #767
[Changed] Apps Management screen is automatically updated when new app is installed - no need to restart Adguard anymore #747
[Changed] 'Apps and Statistics' section renamed to 'Apps Management' and brought to the main menu #823
[Fixed] Time format on main screen now follows system settings #819
[Improved] Filter editor now recognizes lines starting with "!" as commentaries in user-imported filters #759


[Added] VPN restart feature #733
[Changed] IPv4 connections now have priority over IPv6 connections #802
[Fixed] Wi-Fi calling for AT&T #817
[Fixed] Issue with traffic slipping through firewall #765
[Improved] Adguard automatically detects when Adguard's certificate is moved to system certificate storage #755 (Helps with https filtering in Android N+)


[Changed] Pyrope browser added to the list of browsers filtered by default #808
[Changed] 'com.opera.browser.extension' added to the list of browsers filtered by default #757
[Fixed] example.com##[role="main"]:style(display: none;) rule now converts correctly #783

Compatibility issues fixed:

* SoundHound #781, #805
* Skype #826
* Google Allo #804
* ru.yota.android #762
* Roboform #789
* Yandex Mail #388
* Bria #787
* Apple Music #792
* Google Duo #753
* SwiftKey #679
* Panda Antivirus #740
* se.feomedia.quizkampen.ru.lite #811

Beta v2.8.15

New beta features few bugfixes, but is rather about various quality of life improvements.

Ad Blocking

[Added] Latvian filter list #730
[Added] List-KR filter list #756
[Fixed] $replace rules can now be applied along with other filtering rules #844
[Improved] Upgraded "ExtendedCSS" module #849


[Fixed] Error processing HTTP/2 requests #850
[Fixed] HTTPS connections with some upstream HTTP proxy #839
[Changed] Updated default SSL whitelist #843, #848
[Changed] Protection is now paused automatically when Bluetooth tethering is detected #791


[Added] A low level switch to enforce "protection paused" notification to be visible even when notification icon mode is set to 'None' #838
[Changed] IME (typing) mode for adding/importing custom rules dialogs #835
[Changed] Filtering methods explanations were updated #136

Compatibility issues fixed:

Megafon-Bank #832
Rozetka #831
Google Trips #814
Sofascore #845
Anews #842
Updato #836
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On Note 4: After reinstall : Page "bloqueurs annonces: it's not trad in french
On S7E (rip note 7) and Tablet Xperia Z3TC: No prob for bloqueurs annonces. ( trad in french)

Widget : 2nd widget AdGuard no work: waiting icon ( S7E, Note 4, tablet)

Publicity in Phone INFO, facebook, Flipboard ( random ), speedtest.

first report :)

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Is there any possibility that filtering 'QUIC protocol' would enable ad blocking in YouTube app?
No, Youtube doesn't do it.

I can show you how it looks like.
Attached HAR file can be analyzed in Fiddler or here: http://www.softwareishard.com/har/viewer/

The very first request is for some Youtube video. Response contains a lot.
Next two requests is for ad pre-roll video.

I still cannot figure out how YT app retrieves pre-roll video id (HVf_9vHFR6w) from the first response.

Please note that the data you see is a string form of a protobuf object.
Also note, that parts of the request and response data are base64 encoded.



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Just installed the new bèta 2.8.15 - everything works fine up to now (regarding some initial tests I always do) :)


Beta Tester
Installed the new bèta 2.8.40 yesterday - installation ran perfect - everything works & blocks fine at first sight :)


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I updated to version 2.8.53 and all is well for me so far. Just wondering though if there is any way to block Youtube ads without having root. My current phone is a Galaxy S6 with Verizon, which means no root if you want to be on a current Android version, since the bootloader is locked. Yes, I learned my lesson this time.

Maybe Adguard could be set as a phone/device administrator? Not sure if that would work. I don't know the underlying details of what is being done nor what permissions are granted to an app that is a phone administrator.


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Updated to 2.8.53 and so far so good. Is there a way to block ads in twitter app?
Stupid question, but do you have HTTPs filtering enabled? Where exactly do you see ads - can you provide a screenshot please?


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Vasily, I have not seen a Youtube ad recently and do have HTTPS filtering enabled, so it might just be working for me. I was just reading the release notes and wondering if it was possible to do the app data clear or something similar to it without root. I should have clarified.

Boo Berry

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I was just reading the release notes and wondering if it was possible to do the app data clear or something similar to it without root. I should have clarified.
Manually, you can clear the YouTube's app data, which is what I did.
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