[AdGuard for Android] v3.0.291 Release


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What do you think of when you see a jump fron v2.0 to v3.0? Whatever it is, you'll probably find it inside. New design, new features, better performance, and a variety of bugfixes. Without further ado:

Stealth Mode
It is telling that we’re starting our feature overview with Stealth Mode, listing it even before the redesign, or anything else. With Stealth Mode, AdGuard takes another role in addition to ad blocker and app manager: the role of a privacy protection tool, and a strong one at that. AdGuard has had a special Tracking Protection filter for a long time, but the new module presents an entire range of tools. Some of them will suit almost everyone, and others are for more hardcore users.

[Added] Stealth Mode module #2094
A much anticipate addition, all thanks to the aforementioned CoreLibs integration. For the uninitiated, Stealth Mode module is responsible for protecting your privacy. Use it in conjunction with Tracking Protection filter to ensure the best protection. Also mind that different Stealth Mode options differ in their severity, some are “free”, and some come with certain trade-offs in convenience. When in doubt, read the tooltips or even send us a message with a question.


New UI
As important as Stealth Mode is, the tone of the update is largely dominated by the visual changes, and this time there are plenty. Almost every aspect of the old design was reworked, revamped and (hopefully) improved.

[Improved] App redesign #713
One of the most expected, and at the same time controversial changes, for sure. We were debating whether to put “Changed” or “improved” tag on this one, and decided for the latter. We wholeheartedly believe that the new variant is better than the old one. Our designers spent countless hours on it, going through many iterations, and this is where we finally arrived:


As you will notice very soon, we changed not only colors but the layout too. For seasoned AdGuard veterans, it will take some getting used to, but we are sure you’ll find the new design even better and more convenient after a while.

[Added] Dark theme #104
And before you say “But I was hoping for the dark theme!” — don’t worry, it is also available. Looks not a single bit less slick than the default one.
Hop straight to settings and switch to it if you are a night person :)


[Added] Statistics charts #2083
Statistics are useful, it’s always nice to know how many ads were blocked, how much traffic was saved and so on. But simply looking at bland numbers is not very informative, and also plain boring. Charts both provide more information and are much more comprehensive.


[Improved] New first launch wizard #1965
If you are reading this, likely you don’t need any suggestions and you can navigate AdGuard’s options with ease. But for new and less experienced users this will be a helpful addition. Upon the first launch, the wizard will tell you about available features and suggest turning them on.


[Improved] Widget redesign #2354
App’s icon was changed, so the widget needed to be altered as well. Not much to say here, aside from the change in looks, widgets now provide some statistics about blocked requests and so on. Better to see it once:


CoreLibs update
In case you need a refresher, CoreLibs is the new filtering engine that AdGuard is built upon. What AdGuard can and can't do is defined by it, so no wonder it's so important. One of the biggest advantages of CoreLibs compared to the previous engine is that it's cross-platform. This means AdGuard for Android can now take the best from the other AdGuard apps, and you can already see it in action with Stealth Mode.

In this update, CoreLibs receives a further boost, granting better performance and filtering quality. About 150 improvements were made to the filtering engine. We cannot list them all here, but here is a link if you want to check them out.

Other changes
Here are some of the more niche features that will primarily appeal to more tech-savvy users.

[Improved] DNS functionality #2415
There are, in fact, several different improvements hiding under one. Instead of bundling with the dnscrypt-proxy binaries, we are now using our own DNS proxy server that supports all existing DNS protocols. But enough of this gobbledygook, what does it mean for you, the user?
  1. AdGuard now supports DNS-over-TLS protocol, which is one of the most secure modern DNS protocols
  2. To configure a DNS-over-HTTPS (another secure DNS protocol) server, you don’t need to know the SDNS and can use a simple string like https://dns.adguard.com/dns-query
  3. Indicate any number of upstream servers for your custom DNS server setup
[Added] More filter subscriptions #12
Self-explanatory: the more, the better! If your favorite subscription wasn’t in the default list before, check it again.

[Added] Custom filter subscriptions by URL #13
…and if it is still not there, no big deal! Just add it manually, because now doing it is extremely easy. Just tap the respective button, enter the filter list’s URL, and it will appear among the rest of the filters. New filter will be updated automatically, and of course, you can add more than one at a time.


[Added] Protection suggestions tab #2241
And again, a feature mostly aimed at newer users. AdGuard for Android accumulated quite a bit of features over the years, and it is not easy to identify from the get-go which are the most important. This new tab draws your attention right on the main screen and hints at which steps can be taken to enhance your protection.

[Added] Problematic devices detection #2458
It seems that more and more smartphone manufacturers follow the questionable trend of killing apps whenever they feel like it. Some brands and models do so more often than other. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to improve the situation, and these steps vary depending on your particular device.
AdGuard learnt to detect such problematic smartphone models, and when it gets killed like that for the first time, it will show you a notification that explains what just happened (accompanied by some pieces of advice how to prevent that in the future). Its not a cure-all (if only there was one), but definitely better than nothing.

[Fixed] Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work with AdGuard #2550
Due to the way Wi-Fi calling is implemented, you will face problems if you try to use it while having an active VPN. Up until this update AdGuard wasn’t an exception — but it will be now. Without going into technical details (they are available by the link above), let’s just say we found a way to make AdGuard and Wi-Fi calling friends.

[Improved] Added fallback DNS servers #2490
If for whatever reason your current DNS server becomes unavailable (doesn’t matter whether you use one of the servers from the list we provide or a custom one), AdGuard uses your system default DNS as a fallback server. Not an ideal solution, so now you can indicate any DNS server (or even multiple) to be used as a fallback. Go to “Advanced Settings > Low-Level Settings” to set it up.


  • [Added] Adaptive icon support #1548
  • [Added] Context menu to the license activity #1885
  • [Added] CoreLibs version to the About screen #2255
  • [Added] Background / foreground CPU time to the battery usage screen #2355
  • [Added] Total requests count #785
  • [Added] Toggle to turn on/off all user filters & whitelist for debugging #1335
  • [Added] Toast notifications to inform user why an item is disabled/greyed out #699
  • [Added] Indicator for when Stealth mode rules were applied to a request or response #2365
  • [Added] Error notification when exporting logs and system info with an empty file name #2462
  • [Changed] Filter settings have been reworked #1806
  • [Changed] About screen has been reworked #797
  • [Changed] Filtering options in Filtering log have been redesigned #2265
  • [Changed] License status notifications #2460
  • [Changed] Old notification text in HTTPS Filtering #2510
  • [Changed] The app UI is distorted in Arabic #2547
  • [Changed] “Data saved” value goes beyond the bounds #2549
  • [Fixed] Main stat doesn’t change after resetting the statistics #2506
  • [Fixed] A filter group doesn’t get enabled if a filter is enabled from search #2590
  • [Fixed] Adding AdGuard widget doesn't work correctly #2484
  • [Fixed] Crash after search in Apps Management #2508
  • [Fixed] Battery consumption displayed wrong #2487
  • [Fixed] Browsing security event has wrong status in Filtering Log #2512
  • [Fixed] “Content Blocking" menu is missing #2599
  • [Fixed] Custom launchers break widget's size #2521
  • [Fixed] Incorrect notification is shown after checking for updates when there is no connection #2502
  • [Fixed] Protection is restarted when enabling a filter group with all filters disabled #2589
  • [Fixed] Empty Stealth mode parameters in Filtering Log #2495
  • [Fixed] Landscape orientation UI errors #2612
  • [Fixed] Filters in disabled groups receive updates #2581
  • [Fixed] Recurring warning notifications in Apps Management #2481
  • [Fixed] “I agree with Terms" button is not visible on screens with small resolution #2571
  • [Fixed] Incorrect animation #2597
  • [Fixed] Outdated filters can't update their descriptions #2486
  • [Fixed] Extra icon in Custom filters group section #2592
  • [Fixed] Protection is not restarted after enabling the Custom filters #2517
  • [Fixed] Side menu is always opened after restarting the app #2479
  • [Fixed] Social media filter gets disabled if you skip the onboarding screen after the update #2545
  • [Fixed] Support menu bug #2561
  • [Fixed] Switches randomly change their states after screen rotation #2559
  • [Fixed] The license page does not fit on the screen #2464
  • [Fixed] Menu items disappear on the promo screen #2504
  • [Fixed] Filter names have been specified for all filtering rules in Filtering log #2320
  • [Improved] An icon added for the recommended filters on the filter groups screen #2556
  • [Improved] A placeholder has been adopted for the current year #2440
  • [Fixed] AG connecting to a proxy which is not added yet #2543
  • [Fixed] Connection is lost when DoH/DoT is enabled #2475
  • [Fixed] DNS appears in Apps management search results #2505
  • [Fixed] IPv6 upstream addresses are used for default DNS providers #2477
  • [Fixed] No internet connection via root proxy on T-mobile #2428
  • [Fixed] Wrong custom DNS server name for DOH stamps #2514
  • [Fixed] AdGuard cannot detect what app is connecting on Android Q DP1: #2628
  • [Fixed] ConnectionFinder finds wrong connection #2450
CoreLibs & Crash
  • [Improved] CoreLibs updated to 1.3.207 #2621
  • [Changed] CL version added to the state file #2509
  • [Fixed] Crash after settings importing #2503
  • [Fixed] Crash in the Apps Management settings #2308
  • [Fixed] When selecting a quick install, automatic crash reporting doesn't turn on #2497
  • [Added] Adguard DNS-over-HTTPS servers to DNS providers #2379
  • [Added] Firewall events to Filtering log #1214
  • [Added] Stealth mode parameters included to the report link #2370
  • [Added] Filtering log extended search feature #1369
  • [Added] 1x4 widget with current statistics #576
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated
  • [Changed] The view of VPN dialog #2636
  • [Changed] Comments in Filter editor can now be added and deleted individually #2228
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
  • [Fixed] Localization issues
  • [Fixed] Stealth Mode settings persist in Filtering Log requests after license reset #2534
  • [Fixed] “Disable Whitelist” doesn’t work #2218
  • [Fixed] Requests highlighting issue #2474
  • [Fixed] HTTPS Filtering settings bug #2582
  • [Fixed] Importing settings from a file does not transfer filter settings #2513
  • [Fixed] Infinite loading after download fail #2560
  • [Fixed] Magisk Manager unable to pass SafetyNet check with AdGuard enabled #1894
  • [Fixed] Settings backup does not contain app settings #2492
  • [Fixed] Cookies TTL can’t be 0 #2548
  • [Fixed] AdGuard icon is missing on some devices after 2.12.223 update #2148
  • [Fixed] An issue due to some providers relying on their DNS servers to provide IPv4-mapped addresses #1884
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
  • [Improved] You can now clear stats for a single app #803
  • [Improved] You can now sort apps on the Firewall screen #384
  • [Improved] Filtering rules limitations #2401
  • [Improved] Device's current SDK level is now sent with check update requests #2328

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I have version 3.0.297 , I really like the black theme and I like the new interface . congratulations ADguard Team !
Samsung Galaxy A8 with Premium AdGuard v3.0.297 & finding this "new" update/overhaul worth the time it took

Despite few years experience using, am missing a particular feature. Or it has been changed in some form? Reporting a Website that bypasses or in some way goes against the Settings seems to have been moved or altered...


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Tried upgrading to earlier version ofof v3 from v2 at stable (.250). Had to roll back and a backup. import
I just wrote "and import a backup" andand this text editor moved the cursor "and a backup import"?

Is it safesafe enough to upgrade? Or should I startstart all appapp rules from scratch?
Is version 3 maturemature enough now to use?

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!