AdGuard for Android version 1.1

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Hello all!

We have just released new version of our android app.

Release notes
Added in version 1.1.805:

+ Added limited support of HTTPS requests filtering
+ Added Ukrainian and German languages
+ Tested and optimized for Android 5.0 Lollipop
+ Added support for Naked Browser
+ Added notification icon setting
+ Added new types of filtering rules (regexp-rules)

Fixed in this version:

* Resolved compatibility issues with some apps including Telegram, Handcent SMS, Dropsync, Dropbox, Bleep, PAC Console
* Fixed bug with processing UDP traffic in VPN mode (Bleep messenger)
* Fixed some app crashes
* Fixed slow protection startup in proxy mode
* Improved CPU and battery usage
* Fixed processing of certain HTTPS requests
* Fixed problem with landscape mode on devices with low resolution screen
* Fixed possible conflicts when using the same port number with another proxy server
* Fixed an issue with processing requests to some domains with multiple A DNS-records
Blog post:


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Dear users!

We'd like to inform you about a small but important update in stable version 1.1.808:

  • fixed a critical defect that prevented some connections from being filtered.

Needs to be mentioned that this update was available since early January, but was added to autoupdates only recently.
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