AdGuard for Chromecast?


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I've used AdGuard Extension for Chrome and Edge in Windows for years.

I use YouTube and frequently cast it from PC Chrome to the Chromecast (original model) on TV.

On PC & Chrome, AdGuard generally blocks ads.
When I cast YouTube to the Chromecast from PC Chrome with the AdGuard extension , I frequently see ads before and in the middle of YT videos.

Is there a way to use AdGuard to block ads on Chromecast?

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
AdGuard DNS and AdGuard Home are the two main options for platforms like that.

Unfortunately, they can't remove YouTube ads.


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Adblocker (android) will actually sideload onto the new Chromecast with google TV and seem to work just fine the only thing that i cant seem to do is get the HTTPS cert to install but even without that it does block ads in apps, sadly though doesnt block youtube as that app uses https.