AdGuard for iOS 1.3.3

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The new version makes a strong emphasis on improving the Content blocker part of AdGuard Pro. Renovated Assistant and the new“Invert whitelist” option are the headliners of this update. Few pesky bugs have been eliminated too.

[Changed] Assistant in the Safari extension #469

We have unified the Assistant code, so that it’s the same across the board now: AdGuard for Windows, Mac and iOS, browser extensions, you name it. While at it, we have changed the exterior a bit(hopefully, for the better). As a side effect, there’s temporarily no‘Preview’ option, but it will be added in the next version.

[Added] Inverted whitelist #431

This is a quite narrow option, but some users will definitely find it useful. By inverting the whitelist(which you can do in the Advanced settings, by the way) you will switch AdGuard into a special mode that doesn’t block ads anywhere by default, but filters all websites that you add to this list. The inverted whitelist is independent from the regular whitelist, so you can have them both configured as you find appropriate and switch between the modes depending on your current goals.

[Improved] Added scaling support for iPhone X(18:9) #513

Upon the release of iPhone X some of AdGuard interface panels looked pretty ugly. We had to do some work to make it look smooth and natural for all those lucky owners of the newest Apple flagship device :)


[Fixed] UI glitch #517
[Fixed] Keyboard covers up text field in custom filters #505
[Changed]'Enable DNS Request log' toggle should be greyed out when Pro-status is off #521
[Changed] Incorrect entry in black- and whitelist(DNS settings) should be highlighted in red #510


[Fixed] NEVirtualInterface Failure in NEVirtualInterfaceWriteMultipleIPPackets#504
[Fixed] AdGuard Pro DNS blocks calls on FaceTime #501
[Fixed] Exception list should have higher priority #520
[Fixed] Checkmark disappears when you select a DNS server #460
[Fixed] VPN configuration error #519

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