AdGuard for iOS 4.2.0 and 4.2.0 Pro

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Quality Assurance
In this version we focused on improving filtering in Safari. In parallel, we solved the problem with YouTube ads that AdGuard users had been encountering. We’ve developed two ways to block them: a shortcut, the instructions for which can be found on our blog, and a Safari extension.

[Enhancement] Added a new action extension for blocking YouTube ads in Safari #1763

The new extension is designed specifically to block ads on YouTube in Safari and runs only there. Unlike the shortcut, the extension is built into the app, so you don’t need to install it manually. To block ads on YouTube, tap the “Share” button and select “Block ads on YouTube (by AdGuard).” After that, the “with AdGuard” caption will appear next to the YouTube logo. If it’s not there, you’ve probably reloaded the page and need to activate the extension again.

## Changelog

* [Enhancement] Dark/light theme switch
* [Enhancement] Searching for filters in Safari protection
* [Enhancement] Redesigned the Support section
* [Enhancement] Marked the low-level settings that won't work in Native Implementation #1726
* [Fixed] There are no notifications when activating a new device in Setapp with the maximum number of devices
* [Fixed] AdGuard DNS protocols block the Internet access for third-party VPNs #1707
* [Other] Added a notification for the new Safari extension
* [Other] Removed “Logout“ from the About screen

### Updated DnsLibs to v1.5.44 #1771

* [Enhancement] Always use the local DNS resolver announced by DHCP for all queries ending with the primary DNS suffix #100

#### SafariConverterLib update v1.1.28

* [Enhancement] Added `$denyallow` modifier support #5
* [Enhancement] Allowed `*##` cosmetic rules #11
* [Enhancement] Added generic CSS exclusions #15
* [Fixed] Added `$specifichide` modifier support #6
* [Fixed] Issue with long multi-domain element hiding rules #8
* [Fixed] Element hiding rule with few selectors converted to an incorrect rule #21
* [Fixed] Use `if-domain` and `unless-domain` together #12
* [Fixed] The rule with `$ping` blocks the whole page #14
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