AdGuard for iOS 4.3.2 and 4.3.2 Pro

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Quality Assurance
Not all our updates are flashy and eye-catching, but they all make AdGuard better. So, meet AdGuard v4.3.2 for iOS — right from the oven. In this release we've mainly focused on improving the app’s performance and fixing minor bugs. You'll probably notice that AdGuard now starts faster than before. We hope you’ll enjoy the new version of AdGuard for iOS.

[Fixed] No Internet when using cellular connection (DNS64 network) #1901

Previously, DNS protection didn't work with some cellular operators with IPv6-only networks (e.g., T-Mobile US). A little AdGuard magic and everything works as it should.

[Fixed] Crash on opening the app with a large DNS blocklist #1883

Now you won't have any problems if you actively use DNS protection and your custom rules.

  • [Enhancement] Updated DnsLibs to v1.7.3 #1916
  • [Fixed] Allowlist and Blocklist disappear after reboot #1907
  • [Fixed] Crash in `getRulesCountForFilter` on empty rule lines #1918
  • [Fixed] Filter lists update/toggle causes noticeable battery drain #1891
  • [Fixed] Popular crashes in AdGuard v4.3.2 beta #1925
  • [Fixed] The app crashes when launched in Persian #1922
  • [Fixed] VPN tunnel does not restart on a network change #1892
  • [Fixed] iOS widget shows "Unable to Load" message, while AdGuard works correctly (fixed in most of the cases) #1849
  • [Other] Safari Web Extension's protection toggle button does not work on iPad OS #1878


Unfortunately the problem with cellular not working has not been fixed with this update for me.
I’ve also noticed that when I switch to cellular & have dns off when using cellular data & return to wifi connection the content blocker entries show ‘0 rules are being used’ under all entries. I would’ve expected this only to happen while on cellular connection & restore when back on wifi.
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