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Everything about Adguard for iOS beta test can be found here:

Hello all!

We have introduced Adguard for iOS to the AppStore. With every new update, Apple review takes a couple of weeks; meanwhile you can use latest version of AG as a beta tester.

Not only that, but also we launched Adguard PRO for iOS beta test, which is not accessible yet other than through TestFlight.

So, we are always looking for beta testers:)

Important requirement: you'll need a 64-bit apple device! This means: iphone 5s and newer or ipad mini 2 and newer.

1. How to take part in beta test

To take part in the beta test send a PM to user vasily_bagirov with following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Apple ID
  • Adguard or Adguard PRO

We always recommend to add information about the device you are testing Adguard on to your forum signature

2. How to report a bug

Just post a message about this issue on forum.

  • Try to be clear in describing an issue. The more detailed your issue is described – the easier it will be to fix it on our side.
  • Don’t post few issues in one message. We also can’t welcome messages like “Aaah… Disaster! Nothing is working!”.
  • If your issue is related to User interface – it is highly recommended to make a screenshot and attach it to your post. Generally, if screenshot can make anything more clear for us, it is better to attach it.

3. How to install Adguard for iOS beta

First, you need to install TestFlight application from AppStore.

Then install Adguard using TestFlight. It will notify you every time a new beta is available.
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Count me in!

I am interested in the iOS app that will disable ads in apps!

Will final version be an in app purchase or seperate app?
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