[AdGuard for iOS/Pro] v1.1.6 beta


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Since Friday it happens very often.
Deinstall has not helped.
I think we'll have to ask you to collect and send us logs, but let's first move to the appropriate thread. I assume you use Adguard v1.2.1, so let's continue the discussion there (or you may create a new thread in the 'Adguard for iOS - Technical problems' subforum.

To collect logs please follow this instruction:

  1. Open Adguard main screen, choose 'System-wide filtering' item and tap on it.

  2. Make sure Adguard Pro and System-wide filtering is enabled.

  3. Enable the filtering log.

  4. Reproduce the problem. NOTE: notice the exact time when the problem was reproduced.

  5. Go back to System-wide filtering settings and disable the filtering log.

  6. Go back to the main Adguard screen and tap on 'Send Bug Report'.

  7. In the message body mention the exact time when the problem was reproduced.

  8. In the automatic reply message, you will receive your customer ID. Please tell it to us.

Alexander Last

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I have the Settings:
iOS 10.3.2 Beta 5
OpenDNS FamilyShield


AdBlock-Prodector List

4-5 Days Later App Crash when open.
Updates Automatically by WIFI Connection
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