AdGuard for iOS v.1.0.3

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Hello, dear iOS users!

It is time to add a topic devoted to Adguard for iOS releases. There were several updates already since Adguard for iOS first came out, and today we have released v.1.0.3

Major changes

+ Added edit mode to the screen with the list of filters. Now you can manage a set of enabled filters at once: #30
+ Added video tutorial on how to manage Adguard directly from Safari: #39
+ Added "Simplified filters" mode. See "Advanced Settings": #44, #45


* Improved stability of the app while generating filtering rules for Safari: #26, #38
* Improved: set of debugging information that is sent with a message to support from the app: #34, #40
* Improved filtering rules conversion for Safari: #46, #49
* Improved: faster filtering, which increased the speed of sites download in Safari: #49
* Fixed error that prevented the app from updating filters in the background: #54, #51

Compatibility issues

* Fixed conversion errors, due to which it was impossible to enable some filters, such as RuAdList: #57, #56
We are eager to hear your feedback on the update and to see your comments with new suggestions and possible bug reports.
Not open for further replies.