AdGuard for iOS v1.1.0

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New version features one big change - filters can now be updated not only over WiFi, but also over mobile data. This change is complemented by several other fixes, the addition of new localizations and cosmetic changes.

[Improved] Filters now can be updated over mobile data, but with a greater update period #123

Previously filters could be only updated by WiFi. This was done mostly because the program would often exceed the allowed time limit while updating fitlers over mobile network. With new update algorithm this should not be the case anymore.

[Improved] Filters are now updated immediately after being enabled #118

Minor issues

[Fixed] Rules count in status bar does not change #130
[Fixed] Inability to disable filtering for some websites #120
[Fixed] On iPhone SE, in some cases, Adguard action extension receives memory warning and crashes #129
[Fixed] Assistant does not select element properly #111

Hi! New iOS version is available at the iTunes appstore. There are a couple of major changes in this update along with some less important ones. See the full list below.

Major changes

[Modified] Behavior upon reaching rules count limit was changed #92

Previously we had the rules count limited at 45 thousand. This number was increased and went up to 50 thousand. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make this number bigger - Safari limitations come to action.
The other thing we noticed is that the message box we show when user tries to exceed the max rule count was very annoying. So an alternative was found - now we allow you to add any filters, even if it will result in exceeding the max rule count, but we will show a notification reminding you that some of the rules might not work now.

[Modified] Adguard extension now allows to add blocking rules not only from Safari app #97

Good news for everyone who actively uses apps like Telegram, Twitter etc., which allow you to see web content right from the app. Now Adguard extension works properly when used from there, and can be used to add new blocking rules.


[Fixed] exclusion rules can't be added #61

Minor issues

[Modified] Twitter 'share' text #109
[Fixed] Filters update does not work properly right after installation #102
[Fixed] Minor grammatical issues #95

We remind you that you can download Adguard on iTunes, just click on this link.

Let us know what do you think about new version in comments below!
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Thanks for the heads up. I went to give a try the adguard extension in Inoreader using SWC and it works fine. Well done folks!
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