AdGuard for Maс v2.2.3

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What makes a good ad blocker update? New features? We added custom userscripts support and activation via personal account — check. Improved ad blocking quality? There’s a CoreLibs update and support for new modifiers — check. Fixes to known bugs? It’s all here, and it’s for you to enjoy!

[Added] Custom userscripts support #11

Userscripts, or “extensions” as we also call them, are highly useful mini-programs that change the behavior of web pages. Every AdGuard for Mac user probably knows about at least some of the extensions added by default, for example, AdGuard Assistant or Popup Blocker.

Now you have an option to add any custom extensions by clicking on the plus symbol in the “Extensions” tab of AdGuard settings window. You are able to load userscripts either from a local file or by URL.

[Added] Option to activate AdGuard by logging into your personal account #588

This is something we’ve already tried with some of the other AdGuard products, and it proved to be a useful addition. Basically, instead of entering a license key directly, you can link your personal account to the app by entering the credentials, and AdGuard will automatically get activated if there’s at least one eligible license key in your account.

[Added] Scriptlets support

Scriptlets is a powerful ad blocking instrument. You can say that scriptlet is an internal script (a mini-program) that we install with the app, and then execute that script with the help of filtering rules. Putting it simply, scriptlets allow us to modify how the code of the web page behaves. As for the practical use, this helps to block anti-ad blockers, for example, and in some other cases.

[Added] $redirect and $rewrite modifiers support

They are practically the same modifiers, and they allow to substitute resources. If you are not a custom filtering rules aficionado, don't bother with it. Just know that it is yet another instrument in the hands of filter developers that helps block ads more efficiently.

We should mention that both $redirect and $rewrite modifiers are still kind of working in test mode, but they are fully operational and you should feel free to use them.

  • [Added] “Trusted” flag for custom filters #521
  • [Changed] Edge icons have been updated #641
  • [Changed] Opera Beta and Opera Dev added to the list of apps filtered by default #621
  • [Fixed] “Untrusted CA certificate” issue #596
  • [Fixed] Extra copies of “AdGuard Extra” userscript #607
  • [Fixed] Editing user rules doesn’t work when search box is not empty #569
  • [Fixed] AdGuard icon is invisible #527
  • [Fixed] Remotix compatibility issues #592
  • [Fixed] Custom userscripts can’t resolve URLs with non-English symbols #640
  • [Improved] Installer icon updated to match the app’s icons #584
  • [Improved] Voiceover accessibility #634
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.130 #645
  • [Improved] AdGuard now can parse Last modified parameter of custom filters #409
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated

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