AdGuard for Maс v2.3.2


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After looking closer at the last beta we decided it was good enough to become a little proud release all by itself. It’s mostly focused on fixing network- and UI-related bugs, but there’s also a new Stealth Mode parameter to block Java.

  • [Added] “Block Java” option to Stealth Mode #476
  • [Added] HTTPS filtering step to the initial wizard #659
  • [Changed] Discord, Steam and Outlook added to the list of apps filtered by default #483
  • [Fixed] Several minor UI issues in Filters window #422
  • [Fixed] The text for onboarding tips is truncated in some localizations #616
  • [Fixed] Onboarding screen turns black #629
  • [Fixed] Menubar icon becomes semi-transparent #650
  • [Fixed] AdGuard is irresponsive after pressing "Ignore" button during settings reset #651
  • [Fixed] "Next" button unavailable during extension reinstall #652
  • [Improved] After adding a custom filter the focus is switched to that filter #441
  • [Improved] Certificate page design #451
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.155 #656

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Download this build here.