AdGuard for Mac 1.4.1 (377)

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Boo Berry

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Ongoing Facebook topic is here:

Try adding these two rules to your user filter (at least until if/when they get pushed to the English filter);

Code: > div[id^="hyperfeed_story_"][-ext-has='a._m8c'] > div[id^="hyperfeed_story_"][-ext-has='a[href*="?hc_ref=ADS"]']
Not sure how long it'll last though, since Facebook changes it every so often.

Personally, I use the Facebook unsponsored userscript. Since Adguard for Mac doesn't support extensions (userscripts) yet like Adguard for Windows does, those wanting to try this userscript I recommend installing a userscript extension for your browser (Tampermonkey for Chrome/Safari/Opera/Vivaldi or Greasemonkey for Firefox) then using this userscript from here:


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Just installed AdGuards recent update it made a huge difference for me, it works exceptionally well now. Just wanted to express my gratitude, Больше спасибо!
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