AdGuard for Mac beta test


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Everything about Adguard for Mac beta test can be found here:

We are pleased to say that today we finally start beta test of Adguard for Mac.

1. How to join beta testing program

Anyone can become Adguard's beta-tester, we have no special requirements.
All you need is to use Adguard, update to the beta-version when it is available and report bugs.

If you want to take part in beta test, send a private message to user vasily_bagirov with the following data:
1. Your email address
2. Information about your computer
3. Include some info in your signature:

Device type, OS version
Browser and it's version
Antivirus/Firewall name and version (if you use it)

2. How to report a bug

Just post a message about this issue to the forum.

  • Try to be clear in describing an issue. The more clear your issue is described – the easier it will be to fix it on our side.
  • Don’t post few issues in one message. We also can’t welcome messages like “Aaah… Disaster! Nothing is working!”.
  • If your issue is related to User interface – it is highly recommended to make a screenshot and attach it to your post.

3. How to install beta version

Latest beta version is always available at this link:
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Just a few first impressions of your Mac Beta after playing around for about 2 hrs.

  • After downloading I have to go to "Preferences" and check "Launch Adguard at login". Should this be done automatically or prompt the user ?
  • After a restart "Adguard. App" wants to know if i will except incoming connections. (I have allowed). Further restart it asks for the same.
  • Note : I do have the OS X default Firewall on but it continues to ask after every restart after allowing.
  • Disabling the Firewall it will Auto launch after every restart.

Will try a bit more testing on the weekend time permitting. But seems like a great App.

Hope i posted in the right place as i could not create a new topic ?





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Getting a some security issues using Opera. Safari, Firefox and Chrome work fine
You need to install Adguard certificate to Opera. We have only Windows manual ( ), but the principle is the same. Just go to Opera settings -> Certificate management and add Adguard certificate. To find it press Shift+cmd+G, type in ~/Library and choose this file:


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Adguard for Mac open beta release

Dear users!

We are happy to announce the beginning of Adguard for Mac open beta test.
Adguard - world’s first standalone adblocker for Mac OS X.

You can find detailed information in out blog, as usual.


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Thank You, thank you folks so much!

Adguard has made the internet so much simpler and enjoyable for me. I am currently using all Adguard products available for OSX, iOS, as well as DNS beta on my Apple Router. I also use a paid VPN service and to this point they don't interfere with one another at all.
I do have a recommendation and I'll post it in correct forum as well.

I'd like to have a link or a method to quickly test Adguard installations. Maybe there is already a site or service for this?

Once again, Brilliant! And thanks you.


Same for me. Adguard did not work.

However I have NordVPN DNS in my Wi-Fi router settings, maybe it is why