AdGuard for Mac: Filter Updates Automatically?


Beta Tester

It isn't clear if Adguard for Mac automatically updates its filters. Does it? Or does it have to be manually updated like on iOS?



Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Yeah, the filters will update automatically. You can see when they've last updated by opening Adguard's Preferences > Filters and reading the time stamps under each filter.


Staff member
Does it? Or does it have to be manually updated like on iOS?
Well, filters on iOS are also automatically updated. There are just some limitations: you have to be connected via WiFi (not Mobile data) and Adguard has to be not swiped away.


Beta Tester
Yeah, is there somewhere or someway to explain to the user thy have to actually open the Adguard iOS app to get updates? Otherwise, as I have seen as a field user, the filters won't get updated. Which means that there are probably a lot of users who are out there running the same filter definitions that were installed the day they installed the plugin. Thus, they could be months out of date.


Beta Tester
Yes, this should be showing in the iOS app.

Users need to understand that they should not swipe away adguard app for filters getting updated or they can open adguard app frequently to get filters updated or when they are seeing new ads.


This will be great. I know my girlfriend never opens the app to get the update. It is the last of her priority.