Adguard for Mac is leaking cookies compared to uBlock Origin


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I noticed that compared to uBlock Origin on FF, Adguard is leaking cookies.
This can be seen by loading the same (some cookie-heavy) website with Adguard enabled + uBO disabled and vice versa.

With Adguard enabled ( and uBO disabled loading the page will result you of 14 cookies.
* TTL of 3rd party cookies were set to 0 from Adg settings.

With uBO enabled and Adguard ( disabled loading of the same page will result you with 6 cookies.

See attached picture for results. Picture is taken from Cookie Autodelete extension logs.

Cookies were cleared between tests and browser was restarted.

If we are left with over double amount of cookies in the machine with Adguard compared to regular browser extension, this does not make good first impression from privacy pov. This makes you wonder, how much cookies there will be left on your machine after each browsing session if no browser extension or -settings are used to clear cookies on exit or tab close.

Related question: Are there any settings in Adguard for clearing the cookies when tab is closed Mimicking the functionality of the cookie management extensions, like self-desctructing-cookies?

Other than that, I am quite happy with Adguard. It is very convenient to have just one master controller for all the browsers and I have not seen any ads on any websites that I normally visit.