[AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.1 beta

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Here’s a first AdGuard for Mac beta in a while. Why are they so rare? Because AdGuard for Mac is nigh perfect, of course! Jokes aside, we did some serious work here, further upgrading the ad blocking and improving the UI.

Ad blocking
[Added] Filter subscription by URL #1

It’s become much more convenient now to add new filter subscriptions since you have a choice between uploading a local file or entering a URL.

[Added] $~websocket modifier support #245
[Added]"Brave" browser to the filtered apps list #246
[Added] Mozilla Developer Edition to the filtered apps list #241
[Fixed] Can't log in to icloud.com #242
[Fixed] AdGuard blocks notifications on Yandex mail in a browser tab #256
[Fixed]"Reinstall certificate" does not work in FF #257
[Fixed] Some websites open slowly with AdGuard #247
[Fixed] Some websites are not accessible with the HTTPS filtering enabled #249

[Added]"undo/redo" buttons to the user filter editor #227

Self-explanatory. Working with filter editor has become so more convenient— trust us, we do it a lot, and we can tell the difference!

[Improved] Filter editor now indicates that the filter contains disabled rules #258

Another quality of life improvement. You won’t now find yourself in situations when something is not working because you’ve disabled a couple of rules, but can’t remember in what filter.

[Added] Inform the user about closed connection to a website with EV certificate #228
[Fixed] Applied settings are not displayed correctly when the language filters are activated automatically #233
[Fixed] No first run wizard when installing on High Sierra #244
[Fixed] Title of the window appears on wizard style windows on MacOS 10.13 #255

[Fixed]"Shadowsocks-R" and AdGuard compatibility problem #240

Changelog at Github: https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardForMac/releases/tag/v1.5.1-beta/URL]
Direct download: https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardForMac/releases/download/v1.5.1-beta/Adguard-1.5.1.beta.dmg
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