AdGuard for Mac v1.5.6

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It’s been a while since the last AdGuard for Mac release, so we owed one to our Mac users. This release is small but impactful — or at least we hope so. Some important bugfixes and key improvements have been done, all aimed at achieving better stability and filtering quality.

[Fixed] Sometimes connections can randomly slip past AdGuard #285

The title pretty much explains it. We’ve received several complaints from users about some websites not being filtered (even big ones like Without diving into technical details, we managed to fix it.

[Fixed] Crash in tcpClosed handler while the laptop is sleeping #295

Another bug that doesn’t really require any further explanation, but is serious enough to justify mentioning. In case you encountered this frustrating behavior — rejoice! The bug is fixed in this version.

[Improved] ExtendedCss has been updated to version 1.10 #293

This effectively means more extended cosmetic rules are supported now. Which, in its turn, ensures “cleaner” look of the post-processed pages (no ad leftovers, empty spaces etc.).

Ad blocking
[Fixed] CSP issue at #292
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering + Firefox master password issue #284

[Fixed] Certain traffics gets corrupted #172
[Fixed] Dropping TCP connections leads to kernel panics after nfext unloading #276
[Fixed] AdGuard does not filter traffic when TunnelBear extension is enabled #286

[Fixed] Protection status UI bug #304
[Improved] AdGuard UI files have been altered to use a modern approach in localization #273

[Fixed] Userscripts are injected despite being disabled #296
[Improved] Better support for language codes #290

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I definitely experienced many mentioned above issues and I have to say this is by far the best update. I love how fast it feels now
Thank you for improving the Ad blocking experience! AdGuard is the best Adblocker.
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